Edinburgh Festival Free Shows

Lack of money should be no obstacle to partaking of the cultural feeding frenzy in Edinburgh in August. Each year there is an array of events and free shows on the Fringe or at other Edinburgh Festivals.

Free Shows at Edinburgh's Festivals

Edinburgh's Free Fringe

There are two rival organisations that have taken on the mantle of the "Free Fringe": Laughing Horse and Peter Buckley Hill's Free Fringe. The events are usually in pubs or clubs and if you like the show you can put money in a donation bucket at the end. Sadly, beer is not free as well.

Free tickets can sometimes be booked in advance through the Fringe Box Office, but you can often catch a show simply by rolling up to the venue.

Peter Buckley Hill's Free Fringe (website)

Looking at the list of PBH's venues can you detect a theme? A daily dose of laughs with your beer.

The former "Spirit of the Fringe" winner, PBH's Free Fringe returns with more comedy, spoken word, theatre, and live performances.

See list of PBH free fringe venues.

The Laughing Horse - Free Fringe Festival (website)

Free Fringe fest shows under the Laughing Horse banner.

The shows cover the gamut of live performance - comedy, cabaret, live music, theatre - in multiple venues: Laughing Horse Free Fringe venues

Pay What You Want Shows

Bob Slayer pioneered the "pay-what-you-want" ticket price with his Heroes at Fringe 2013. You can book and pre-pay for tickets in advance or just turn up and pay what you want (into a bucket) at the end of the show. In 2017, Heroes has 66 shows at the Fringe. Here are the Heroes Pay What You Want venues.

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