Edinburgh Musicals

The last two years were tough on live, performing arts, but with signs that the worst of the pandemic is re
*Ding dong*. Hello. My name is Lindsay Corr.
The 75th Edinburgh Festival Fringe has come to an end.
With driving rhythm and mystic Scandinavian melody, the people of Birka tell you a story of a 900AD kingdom
Throughout history, women have done incredible things that have changed the course of the world, only for t
The writing is on the wall for the Fabulett cabaret club.
Like Other Girls is an exploration of the typecast of historical fiction female leads in musical t
When something has been around for as long as Antigone has, it will receive hundreds of retellings
“The journey, not the arrival matters.”  T. S. Eliot
All you really need to know about Ordinary Days is that it ended with confetti on the floor and th
Double Crossed is a new comedic musical from the University of St.