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EdinburghGuide.com is a long-running city guide to the Scottish capital. The site was launched before the turn of the millennium, at a time when the majority of people still turned to newspapers and magazines for their news and the internet was very much the wild wild web. Google was in its infancy and the most popular destination for search was a hierarchical directory of the internet compiled by humans at Yahoo!.

Against this backdrop, Scottish journalist Robert Alstead launched an Edinburgh-based ezine in January 1998, which later became EdinburghGuide.com (in August 1999).

Alstead designed and coded the first static HTML version of the web site, producing content for it that combined his interests in technology and design, history, the arts, film and video, and life in his home town. It included a directory of the relatively uncharted waters of the Scottish internet, with a particular focus on the Scottish capital.

Early on, fellow journalists, designers, students, and web technicians got involved, with the site garnering a lot of interest, particularly at festival time.

The site grew, and the team of contributors expanded, led by Thelma Good, Pat Napier, Irene Brown, and John Ritchie. Each year, EG has provided extensive coverage of the Edinburgh Festival, in particular the Fringe and Christmas and Hogmanay in the Winter.

Throughout the year, many people visit EG to find great venues and events to go to in Edinburgh.

Over the years, there have been many changes in the editorial team, the content, and the technology that drives the site. 

However, the core spirit of the site remains the same: to bring you the best of what's on, and share with you how to get the most out of Edinburgh throughout the year.


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