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  • Assembly George Square Gardens :: 3

    Festival hub in the heart of Edinburgh University area, run by Assembly - one of the Fringe's leading brands.

  • The Stand Comedy Club :: 5

    Edinburgh's all year round comedy club in a basement off St Andrew Square.

  • Lauriston Hall :: 6

    The century old Lauriston Hall in Edinburgh's West Port is a large city centre community space which hosts among other things popular ceilidh dances (Scottish dances).

  • Assembly George Square :: 8

    Assembly Festival takes over the large Gordon Aikman Lecture

  • theSpace on Niddry St :: 9

    Fringe venue situated off the Royal Mile.

  • Mayfield Salisbury Church :: 11

    Housed in a tall, steepled church designed by Hippolyte Blanc, and opened in 1879.

  • The Stand Comedy Club III & IV :: 12

    Edinburgh's local comedy club The Stand, spreads out at Fringe time

  • Traverse Theatre :: 15

    The Traverse, fondly known as "the Trav", is the flagship venue for contemporary Scottish theatre, housed in a modern, purpose-built theatre.

  • Riddle's Court :: 16

    Edinburgh Old Town, "A' listed courtyard which dates back to 1587 and was the former residence of renowned Edinburgh Enlightenment philosopher David Hume in the mid-eighteenth century.

  • Assembly George Square Studios :: 17

    Six performance spaces including Studio One to Five and The Flick at Underground.

  • Assembly Rooms :: 20

    This elegant 18th century building, situated in Edinburgh's New Town, is a mixed use venue ow

  • Roman Eagle Lodge :: 21

    Scottish Masonic Lodge, aka "C aquila" since C Venues moved in in 2010.

  • Dance Base :: 22

    Scotland's National Centre for Dance based in Edinburgh's Grassmarket

  • Pleasance Dome :: 23

    As with the Pleasance main Fringe venue, Pleasance Courtyard, this is housed in a centrally located university union building at Pot

  • Gilded Balloon Patter Hoose :: 24

    Central comedy club operated by Gilded Balloon out of the spacious

  • Summerhall :: 26

    A vibrant multi-arts venue housed in an historic, former veterinary college building.

  • Just the Tonic Legends :: 27

    Just the Tonic's subway space in the Cowgate rock club Legends.

  • The Vault :: 29

    Varied theatre in the vaulted basement of Augustine United Church, aka Paradise in The Vault during the Fringe.

  • Scottish Storytelling Centre :: 30

    Purpose-built venue dedicated to live storytelling, for both children and adults.

  • Pleasance Courtyard :: 33

    Cobbled courtyard surrounded by buildings in the Pleasance theatre and recreational complex of Edinburgh Uni.