Edinburgh International Festival

The original "official" festival

The Edinburgh Fringe Society has made a lengthy public statement about the need for increased public invest
Edinburgh’s first new concert hall in over 100 years, the Dunard Centre, took a step forward on Thursday wi
A video of Edinburgh Makar Hannah Lavery performing her poem "Edinburgh is a Story" is released at 4pm BST
This year’s 2022 Edinburgh International Festival, which ended on Sunday, marked Fergus Linehan’s last as F
Since the Edinburgh International Festival of 2015 the man in over-all charge has been Fergus Linehan.
Handel’s epic oratorio majestically narrates the famous biblical drama, which would have been so familiar t
If there could be one word to summarise this performance, it would be ‘joy’.
It doesn't fit comfortably when the conductor tells us we are to have an unprogrammed starter instead of an
Mozart was a fan of the clarinet, a fairly new instrument in his day.
There was an electric atmosphere in the Leith Theatre – a fantastic venue to be at, and one of the more rec
For the third year running the Edinburgh International Festival will not be climaxing with the traditional
The sad death earlier in the year at the age of 44 of a former Cor Anglais player of the Royal Scottish Nat