Any show that starts with being offered a custard cream is off to a good start.
Helena Collins O’Connor is a powerhouse of a performer.
This is a thoughtful, well-researched play set during the Paris Olympics in 1924, when Eric Liddell, due to
Welcoming the audience into the living room of the Fan Club, we are invited into considering membership and
If you like rap in all its forms, or simply like to hear about someone’s journey from childhood to finding
Pretending to Fly is part-fiction, part-non-fiction, based on interviews with Carla Horowitz, a Women Airfo
Performed in the round, Death by Shakespeare is, as the name suggests, a look at several of Shakespeare’s b
This is the professional writing debut – as well as Edinburgh Fringe debut – of Aisla Shepherd, the creator
Josefina Lopez is an acclaimed playwright and screenwriter.
We are shut in a basement, seemingly unaccompanied by an actor, when out of the darkness comes an uncertain…
There are other things Angie would rather be doing, but “it’s fine”. Until the day it isn’t.
The chilling words of an advertisement, allegedly published in The Times by Shackleton to recruit men for his…