An Afternoon with the Ladies of the Cliff Richard Fan Club, Sutton Coldfield, 1995 (2023), Assembly Rooms, Review

Five actors from Cliff Club, grouped in a circle, looking outward.
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Opportunity Productions
– Paul Westwood (Writer, Producer); Clemmie Reynolds (Director); Lucie Pankhurt (Choreographer); Karen Mow (Executive Producer)
Sarah Beckett (Barbara Nightingale); Nicola Gardner (Karen Aston); Arti Mirwani-Daltry (Anita Misra); Miranda Langley (Sarah Milman); Michelle Robertson (Pat Milman)
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Welcoming the audience into the living room of the Fan Club, we are invited into considering membership and, as the afternoon unfolds, discover more about why the ladies of the club like Cliff Richard and what they mean to each other. This is gently immersive, a heart-warming piece that connects with the audience and draws them effortlessly into the world of 1995.

The premise of the club is played for heightened fun which works well. From the offering of badges (grab one if you can!) to information about Cliff’s charitable deeds, from questions to identify favourite Cliff tracks, to explanations of what first led people to Cliff and even a very entertaining food entrée, there is something for everyone. When we get to the heart of why the club is so important, helping the women to have friendship in times of need, this is a quietly empathetic, touching section. 

Whether you know your Living Doll from your Devil Woman or not, you will find yourself bopping along to the music and singing, even if you only vaguely know the words. The cast are talented, working very well together and the direction shows a skilful handling of a myriad of entrances, exits and interactions. When the meeting ends if feels both quick, but also just right. A lovely show that reminds us of the importance of finding your people and how not to be alone.

Show Time: 20-27 August @ 13:00

Assembly Rooms

Ticket Prices: £11.50-£14

Accessible entry: There is lift access into the performance space. If not taking the lift there are 23 steps into the venue. Wheelchair access type: Building Lift. Stairs: 20+. Age: 12+ (Guideline)