Nestled into the hills of Pitlochry is the airy, outdoor haven of The Amphitheatre at Pitlochry Festival Th
Covid-19 has provided a massive and prolonged dousing of cold water over the performing arts world as we al
Capital Theatres has announced that they will open their doors to audiences once again fro
Tennis Elbow is John Byrne’s first new play in 13 years and the follow up to his acclaimed 1977 Ed
Despite 2020 being the darkest year for theatre since the
On first reading, you might have passed it off as a weak April Fool’s joke.
As emergency measures are implemented to control the spread of Covid-19, Edinburgh Fringe Society Chief Exe
This show is the first part of a trilogy of tales looking at James Rowland’s life and his friends.
A heart warming and clever adaption of the well-know book, Rosalind Sydney has used the key elements of the
The premise behind moving the setting of Mrs Puntila and Her Man Matti to modern day Scotland is a
“There's no cure like travel, to help you unravel the worries of living today.
Award winning folk trio The Young’uns have created a beautiful lyrical homage to a real life (previously un