The nights are darker, the weather is colder and commercial Christmas is well and truly in swing
Citadel Arts Group were surprised to discover a connection between Lily Gladstone, star of Scorsese's movie
Funeral is another theatrical experience like none other from the company Ontroerend Goe
The most delightful immersive show for children of all ages (but recommended for primary school c
‘Whether a jazz fan, a history buff or just someone who loves gripping, real life stories, this is a mu
“I can take any empty space and call it a bare stage.  A man walks across this empty space whilst someo
In this one-man show, Green Tea, performer Luke Townson inhabits the dark world of the gothic thriller.
A funny, charming play with songs, Messhead is about an Australian former child star ‘Shazza Robinson’ who
This is a fascinating play, a challenging and unique subject is explored using stylish and honed performanc
A lovingly crafted musical tribute, this show, created and performed by Michaela Burger, is a beautiful and
Any show that starts with being offered a custard cream is off to a good start.
Helena Collins O’Connor is a powerhouse of a performer.