A lovingly crafted musical tribute, this show, created and performed by Michaela Burger, is a beautiful and
A joyous night of true crime solving, podcast-making, comedy musical theatre gold, this is the show you nev
A musical homage to the tortured genius that was Steve Jobs, this is a fascinating insight into his life an
If you like rap in all its forms, or simply like to hear about someone’s journey from childhood to finding
SCOTS is a hilarious romp through history via the medium of a cheeky toilet, portrayed with charming verve
A musical journey through the experiences of newly trained soldiers, on their first deployment and the impa
There are several choirs participating in this run of shows, with different choirs and choir leaders at dif
It’s always interesting to see how artists find new ways to tackle the difficult subject of climate change
The topicality of this musical drama is powerfully poignant.
The Showstoppers’ Kids Show is a variation for 3-10 year-olds of the long-running improvisational musical…
In July 2016, the unsung heroine of Musical Movies, Marni Nixon passed away in New York City aged 86.
Amidst strewn cardboard packing boxes, the cast gradually regain consciousness. “What a night!” groans Tom,…