SCOTS (2023), Ghillie Dhu, Review

The word Scots written on top of a Scottish flag
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A Play, A Pie and A Pint
Noisemaker: Scott Gilmour & Claire McKenzie (Writing & Music); Jemima Levick (Director)
Richard Conlon, Tyler Collins, Lauren Ellis-Steele, Grant McIntyre, Sebastian Lim-Seet, Star Penders, Yana Harris, Mackenzie Wilcox
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SCOTS is a hilarious romp through history via the medium of a cheeky toilet, portrayed with charming verve by Tyler Collins. What might be dubious subject matter is adeptly handled by the writing duo of Scott Gilmour and Claire McKenzie – known collectively as Noisemaker – making sure that the content is both comical but also educational. Jemima Levick’s direction crafts the journey of this piece with ease, with what is actually a complicated host of characters, storylines, songs and jaunts into the history of Scotland. It is no mean feat to make this tale not only easy to follow, but fun in the execution.

The eight-strong cast work very well together, moving swiftly between characters and time periods – as well as from text to song and back. The talented team are able to adopt the physicality of different characters at fast pace: the skill which is needed to be able to do this cannot be underestimated. To add songs to this mix merely puts the icing on the cake. The power of some of the voices is absolutely exceptional, and the venue in particular works well with the sound. The moments where heartbreak is on display are dealt with swiftly in true Scottish fashion, but those moments remain with you: make sure you have a hankie at hand just in case.

Not to be forgotten, part of the experience of any Play, Pie and Pint performance is the ubiquitous drink and food, which makes it feel like a real bargain. Make sure you get there early so you can grab your drink and food before the show starts as you will not want to miss anything once the toilet starts talking…

Show Time: 14-27 August @ 13:00 (not 17, 21); 23 August @ 18:00

Ticket Prices: £14-£17.50

Accessibility: Up two flights of stairs. Age: 14+ (guideline)