One Good Soul, Greenside Infirmary Street, Review

Rating (out of 5)
Show info
Blue Coat Productions
Andrew Kyle(Director)Laurence T-Stannard(Musical Director)
Ella Banks(Shen Te)Poppy Dean,Freya Boardman & Farrah Hughes(Gods)
Running time

Set in contemporary times, this production featuring a young cast from Coventry, starts with lively music and a cast that gives it all it has got.

The story is basically about three gods (played very effectively by Poppy Dean, Freya Boardman and Farrah Hughes) who befriend a girl working the streets. Because she takes them in, they return her kindness by giving her the chance to become a shopkeeper. The rest of this well-written story is about the realities of life and the people who will exploit you.

The production starts with the cast in character begging and soliciting the audience, and that kind of imagination follows throughout the performance.

Written and directed by Andrew Kyle the show rages about the current state of society. It perhaps could benefit from toning down that rage and introducing a bit of light. Although the full force of the singing is impressive it became a little too much when the lyrics were lost to volume and counter singing.

The original music was written, played and on occasion sung by the very talented Laurence T-Stannard. The central character was played by Ella Banks who deserved her individual bow at the end. These are very talented young people and deserve an hour of your time.

Runs to Aug 26, 5.15pm. Tickets £10 (£8) 14+ suitability