Theatre at the <a href="/events/edinburghfringe">Edinburgh Fringe</a> and <a href="/events/eif">Edinburgh International Festival</a>.

If you like rap in all its forms, or simply like to hear about someone’s journey from childhood to finding
A subtle, beautifully nuanced production, 17 Minutes explores the aftermath of a school shooting and the im
As the name suggests, this production provides not only bite-sized plays, but also free breakfast (a large
Telling stories of the Women’s Land Army from WWII, Lilies On The Land was written from original letters an
Pretending to Fly is part-fiction, part-non-fiction, based on interviews with Carla Horowitz, a Women Airfo
New Celts produce many shows for Edinburgh Napier theatre and film students, providing an excellent showcas
Described as an interactive dark comedy, Hayfever uses audience decisions to change or implement actions wi
A fast-paced, highly entertaining romp through the murder mystery genre with a fantastic immersive experien
A musical journey through the experiences of newly trained soldiers, on their first deployment and the impa
Inspired by a true story and exploring the challenging themes of complicated family situations, domestic ab
Performed in the round, Death by Shakespeare is, as the name suggests, a look at several of Shakespeare’s b
This is an interesting look at the two years Charles Darwin spent in Edinburgh as a young man at the medica