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In this one-man show, Green Tea, performer Luke Townson inhabits the dark world of the gothic thriller.
A funny, charming play with songs, Messhead is about an Australian former child star ‘Shazza Robinson’ who
A lovingly crafted musical tribute, this show, created and performed by Michaela Burger, is a beautiful and
Any show that starts with being offered a custard cream is off to a good start.
Helena Collins O’Connor is a powerhouse of a performer.
This is a thoughtful, well-researched play set during the Paris Olympics in 1924, when Eric Liddell, due to
This is a fast paced, whistle-stop tour through misogyny, and the challenges of being a woman in a world wh
A joyous night of true crime solving, podcast-making, comedy musical theatre gold, this is the show you nev
Welcoming the audience into the living room of the Fan Club, we are invited into considering membership and
Die Hard has become an iconic movie: our hero John McClane versus the evil villain Hans Gruber (portrayed i
A musical homage to the tortured genius that was Steve Jobs, this is a fascinating insight into his life an
A fascinating journey through Henry Naylor’s past, his beginnings as a playwright and his acknowledgement o