Special Days

Scottish Ensemble's inaugural touring edition of Concerts for a Summer’s Night comes to Edinburgh on the Su
The Summer Solstice is generally known as the longest day in the year, and conversely sees the least amount
Edinburgh is marking the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee today with a variety of celebrations over the four-day lo
Edinburgh Castle will join cities around the British Commonwealth in lighting a fiery beacon to mark the Qu
A Boxing Day Bank Holiday takes place on the 26th December the day after Christmas Day.
The Winter Solstice, the point at which we are tilted furthest away from the Sun in Earth's Northern hemisp
Other countries go crazy at Halloween. Here it's Bonfire Night, aka Guy Fawkes, is marked with fiery…
Buy Nothing Day advocates want shoppers to take a break on the traditionally busiest day of the year.
Remembrance Sunday is the main day of observance for the sacrifices of members of the armed forces and of…
Armistice Day, also known as Remembrance Day, or Poppy Day, commemorates the sacrifices of members of the…
The Beltane Fire Society is best known for the Beltane Fire Festiva