Live Music in Edinburgh

Seven out of the twelve gigs in Edinburgh International Fe
It was the most perfect of summer evenings to celebrate the ending of another fine Edinburgh International
The Usher Hall was full to watch Sir Simon Rattle conduct his London Symphony Orchestra in a programme of t
Britten’s War Requiem was commissioned for the opening of Coventry Cathedral following the destruction of a
The fundamentals of human existence – three quasi rituals, one fascinating show.
Birds of Paradise produced Purposeless Movements back in 2016 to address a specific medical descri
Both Scottish premieres, two profound and powerful works that had the Usher Hall enthralled.
A heartfelt, gutsy and justifiably packed performance.
There was something special about this performance – an all-embracing energy that affects and stays with yo
The Choir has achieved a reputation for its “rich and beautiful sound”, an accolade which it lived up to, i
Part of the programme for St Vincent’s week long Sacred Arts Festival, this was a fascinating recital of a
There are many musical recitals taking place at the Fringe, but this one immediately struck you as being a