Live Music in Edinburgh

Two award winning brass bands perform a diverse programme of music including Tchaikovsky, Wagner and Disney
A tribute show to the famous singing duo, 
After a few words from Music Director Thomas Søndergård, the concert opened with a fourteen minute orchestr
Thirty five members of a choir from the Faroe Islands gave a very appropriate and commendable concert in St
Christmas is over a month away, but Edinburgh's official celebrations kick off on Sunday at 3.30pm with
Leith Theatre will host a month-long “Resonancy” of events with upcycled 
Twenty-five years ago, The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert burst into our cinemas.
Listeners of classical music on radio cannot help associate Neeme Järvi with the Royal Scottish National Or
A new festival starts the year with events centred around Scotland's national bard Robert Burns.
The ‘Sunday Classics’ concert at the Usher Hall was with the Flanders Symphony Orchestra from Ghent.
Kalevi Aho's Concerto for Percussion and Orchestra is properly titled Sieddi - a hill, or what they would c
A new addition to Edinburgh's Christmas in 2019, Community Christ