Live Music

Tickets for this Usher Hall were sold out and not surprising.
A lovingly crafted musical tribute, this show, created and performed by Michaela Burger, is a beautiful and
Any show that starts with being offered a custard cream is off to a good start.
The beautiful domed space of St Andrew’s and St George’s West Church is an atmospheric and charmingly fitti
If you love singing, then this show is for you.
If you like rap in all its forms, or simply like to hear about someone’s journey from childhood to finding
There are many singers and impersonators of Elvis, the legendary rock and roll singer.
A musical journey through the experiences of newly trained soldiers, on their first deployment and the impa
Brass Tracks, the five-strong group performing their take on movie and theatre soundtracks, is celebrating
This is an entertaining hour of familiar songs, performed by the talented Sarah Borges, who sings, plays th
Hidden Door, a not-for-profit arts organisation run entirely by volunteers, specialises in discovering…
The opening and closing events of the Edinburgh Internat