Brass Tracks (2023), artSpace at St Marks, Review

Photo of the five Brass Tracks members posing with their instruments
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Brass Tracks Quintet
Brass Tracks Quintet; Photo from
Finlay Hetherington (Trumpet); John Sampson (Trumpet); Fiona McLean (Trombone); Robert Newth (French Horn); Robert Fraser. (Tuba)
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Brass Tracks, the five-strong group performing their take on movie and theatre soundtracks, is celebrating its tenth anniversary of live performances this year. This shows in the ease they have in playing together and the comfortable banter with the audience.

The venue works well for this quintet and the sound of the music is beautifully amplified in the space. If the type of musical instrument that soundtracks are usually performed on is not something you have ever thought of, once you hear Brass Tracks play their range of well-known tracks, you will wonder why more is not set for brass players. In truth, there is much orchestral use in soundtracks, but what Brass Tracks manage to do is bring the power and fullness of the melody into their arrangements, showing the glorious majesty of the pieces.

From the opening number, a mishmash of Star Wars, ET and Superman so seamless a listener might struggle to pinpoint the changes from one to another, to a rousing romp through Fiddler on the Roof tunes led with gusto by John Sampson, to Disney classics such A Friend Like Me from Aladdin and The Bear Necessities from The Jungle Book, there are tunes for everyone. Particularly haunting is a new arrangement by Robert Newth of Billie Eilish’s No Time to Die, from the most recent Bond film. Each member of the quintet has something unique to bring to the music however.

What is so wonderful about this quintet is the strength they bring to the quality of sound with their particular blend of instruments, filling the air with an emotional charge of memories, that makes the audience want to go and watch a favourite movie or show. If you can catch them when they next play, you will not be sorry!

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artSpace at St Marks

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Next performance: 24th August @ 19:30 @ St Michaels Parish Church, 1 Slateford Road, Edinburgh