Councillors in Edinburgh will consider granting the Freedom of the City to the Ukrainian President and the
It’s less than a month now until the Edinburgh Science Festiva
Glasgow hosts the latest global climate change summit, under the UK's presidency. 
Buy Nothing Day advocates want shoppers to take a break on the traditionally busiest day of the year.
The National Galleries of Scotland has today announced that it is cutting its long-standing association wit
Twenty-five years ago, The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert burst into our cinemas.
The Festival of Politics is a populist, accessible festival set in the Scottish parliament at Holyrood. The…
Birds of Paradise produced Purposeless Movements back in 2016 to address a specific medical descri
Oxford-based, student-run Mercury Theatre in their most recent venture have decided to tackle male mental h
As the cast enter the space, they perform basic movement sequences and speak abstract sentences as they are
A show which, by its own definition, resists classification into any one category!
The 2019 Edinburgh International Book Festival launched the “most international programme in its history”…