Scotch Whisky Experience

Venue details
354 Castlehill, The Royal Mile
Edinburgh Area
Telephone (box office)
0131 220 0441
About the venue

Whisky themed visitor centre, with a five-star rating from the Scottish Tourist Board, that offers a tour through 300 years of whisky history.

Based at the top of Edinburgh’s historic Royal Mile, the whisky "experience" is a one-hour journey through the amber nectar's history, including a whisky barrel ride to the illicit stills of the Highlands and the royal drawing rooms of London, and an introduction to the art of nosing the usige beatha (as whisky is known in gaelic - it means "water of life"). The tour includes a free dram or soft drink.

The Scotch Whisky Experience also houses the Amber Restaurant offering Scottish cuisine. In the whisky bar, which sits alongside the restaurant, over 300 bottles of malts are on display. For those who need advice in separating their Glenfiddich's from their Lagavullins, or finding the perfect blend, cocktail or liqueur, trained staff are on hand to help.


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