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This lecture series features different authors on different days.
If you see a bunch of naked cyclists happily pedalling around the city this Saturday, don't be shocked.
The Edinburgh Film Festivals series of outdoor film screenings in Old College Quad.
The Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society has announced details of the Fringe 2023 street events programme. 
Hundreds of dancers of all ages and gender, dress up in red dresses and (some) wigs, to recreate the dance
The Opening Fanfare Weekend of the Edinburgh International Festival 2023 reflects the strong community invo
A museum telling the story of firefighting in Scotland opens this Thursday, almost a full century after pio
The first Edinburgh Art Festival under new director Kim McAleese will be one of the “largest yet” featuring…
A free, family music and dance event with a flamboyant, festive flavour, the Edinburgh Festival Carnival…
An afternoon of free, New Orleans and trad styled jazz in the street to kick off the Edinburgh Jazz Festival.
The Fringe Society launched the official Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2023<
The Meadows Festival is an annual, free, community organised festival, that has been running since 1974, with…