In 1845 the new Scottish Poor Law established a funded medical service for the registered poor.
COP ("Conference of Parties") 26, the climate summit that was due to go ahead in Glasgow in November, has b
It was a simple gesture, but a powerful one.
As emergency measures are implemented to control the spread of Covid-19, Edinburgh Fringe Society Chief Exe
The Edinburgh Science Festival 2020, scheduled for 4-19 Apri
Let your feet walk to the beat at The MoonWalk Scotland 2020!
The Edinburgh Winter Run is a 5km loop around the extinct volcano of Arthur's Seat and includes two additio
The annual Christmas Market returns to Edinburgh Steiner School, a week after Christmas officially gets und
In Scotland’s enlightenment a bride stabs her husband on their wedding night; a nobleman kills his brother;
Oxford-based, student-run Mercury Theatre in their most recent venture have decided to tackle male mental h
This behind the scenes tour will present objects, illustrations and early medical texts on the history of m
The Traditional Dance Forum of Scotland (TDFS) & The University of Edinburgh present ‘The Art of…