Take a behind-the-scenes tour of the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh and discover the central role
Tradfest, Edinburgh’s festival of traditional music and culture, i
This talk explores the history of burn scars over the last two centuries.
This event celebrates the launch of our exhibition '
This Christmas Charity Lecture will explore the relationship between Roald Dahl and his interest in medicin
Discover our latest temporary exhibition, featuring everything from intestinal worms and bezoar stones to m
The event will begin at 6pm in our foyer with a wine reception.
The Edinburgh Winter Run – an inclusive, fun-filled day of events including a 5km run, Family Mile and…
In 1845 the new Scottish Poor Law established a funded medical service for the registered poor.
COP ("Conference of Parties") 26, the climate summit that was due to go ahead in Glasgow in November, has b