Bawsinch and Duddingston Nature Reserve

About the Park

Bawsinch and Duddingston Loch is a nature reserve situated three kilometres from the centre of Edinburgh, at the southern end of Holyrood Park, and South of Duddingston Village.

Situated on the old industrial site of the Innocent Railway, now a pedestrian-cycleway, the loch and surrounding vegetation is almost all a Site of Scientific Interest (SSI). It is managed and part owned by the Scottish Wildlife Trust.

Bawsinch and Duddingston Loch together form a haven for many forms of wildlife in the heart of Edinburgh.

The reserve is home to a number of notable bird species including water rail, great crested grebe, tufted duck, mute swan and mallard breed as well as sedge warblers.

A large number of wildfowl winter also winter here.

There are also a number of nationally scarce plants on the reserve including tufted loosestrife, slender-leaved pondweed and needle spike rush, as well as many Scottish and locally scarce plants.

Otter and water vole have also been spotted occasionally.

Access is from the bend on Duddingston Road West. Admission is free. There is no disabled access available on-site.

The Northern shore is open all year. Access to the southern shore by prior arrangement.