A Little Night Music Review

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Norfolk Youth Music Theatre
Adrian Connell (Director)
Chris Brown (Fredrik Egerman), Eleanor Freeman (Anne), Augusta Urquhart (Desiree), Eloise Hare (Charlotte), Daniel Herman (The Count)
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Sondheim’s ‘A Little Night Music’ is maybe a curious choice for a youth Music group as it deals with the bedroom affairs of various characters.

Set in Sweden around 1900 the show is introduced and commented upon by the Liebeslieder singers led by Alex Green. It tells the story of a middle-aged man Fredrik Egerman and his 18 year old wife Anne who rekindles his affair with an actress who he sees at the theatre.

The actress is currently having an affair with a Count who loves to duel and whose wife is distinctly unhappy at being rejected. 

Add in Henrik, a divinity student fighting the devil, who has designs on his step-mother and is being pursued by the maid.

All the parties are invited by the impressive Mme. Armfeldt (Lily Betts) to a country house party where her daughter the actress hopes that her affair with Fredrik will move on. Chaos ensues reminiscent of a Shakespearean drama.

The audience has to wait to near the end for the classics song 'Send In the Clowns' delivered beautifully by Augusta Urquhart supported by the excellent Chris Brown as Fredrik.

The actor that catches the eye is the Count’s wife played by Eloise Hare who surely has a bright future on the stage. The show is slow because of the period and there is only one other song about the weekend in the country that is really memorable. The humour is amusing rather than funny.

Show times

Runs to 11th Aug, 6pm


£6.50 - £10.50