Tickets for the Edinburgh Jazz and Blues Festival A
One by one the Edinburgh festivals are returning to in-person affairs, with the
A free, family music and dance event with a flamboyant, festive flavour, the Edinburgh Festival Carnival…
An afternoon of free, New Orleans and trad styled jazz in the street to kick off the Edinburgh Jazz Festival.
The annual Edinburgh Jazz and Blues festival runs the gamut of jazz persuasions from traditional Dixie and…
The Edinburgh International Festival marks its 75th
‘Come on babe Why don't we paint the town? And all that Jazz
The Tap Bar at The Novotel, provides the ideal cabaret setting, and with a bottle of ice-cold wine sorted,
‘Frank Sinatra’ is back in town for what may be his final gig before he faces his final curtain as he conte
Yesterday, Freedom Day arrived in England and
The Edinburgh International Jazz and Blues Festival opens
On first reading, you might have passed it off as a weak April Fool’s joke.