At last the 1st Edition of TuFlamenco Festival -Dance Students Show- in Edinburgh is nearly here.

Come and see Alba Flamenca students in the Annual Student Spectacular at the beautiful Churchill Theatre in Morningside.

Agustitos Grandes Carapapas are monthly events organised by TuFlamenco.

Agustitos Grandes Carapapas are monthly events organised by TuFlamenco.

For 25 years, Wayne McGregor has brought a refreshing, radical vision to the art of choreography and stimulate the imagination through the language of movement, music and design.

As part of the Dance programme of this year’s International Festival, L-E-V Dance Company bring sister performances of OCD Love and Love Chapter 2, performing on alternate nights at

The show's notes explain how this dance represents a journey, a journey of discovery, in trying to explore new territory in dance and strip away cliché and explore personal history and the dancers rel

This is a value for money show. You get two dancers presenting their own work with a short intermission between both performances – they are sympathetic and fit well together.

'Blue Scar is a hip hop dance project from the proud past of the South Wales Valleys. It tells the story of how children in the Rhondda gained "Blue Scars" from playing on the mountain side.

The show is billed as a celebration of Taiwanese culture and life expressed through dance and media. And indeed it is.