TuFlamenco Festival - Dance Student Performance

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At last the 1st Edition of TuFlamenco Festival -Dance Students Show- in Edinburgh is nearly here.

This event will showcase all of the different dance choreographies worked at every class during the whole year for students of a wide range of years going from 3 to 84 years old and from all of the places we teach (Dundee, Glasgow and Edinburgh). The students will perform all the pieces with live music alongside teachers, regular artists (singers, guitarists and percussionists) and Daniel Martinez guitar students who regularly work with the school so it is a familiar event where art and magic will be together side to side.

This will be a memorable event for all ages for flamenco and no flamenco aficionados, but just mainly music and dance lovers avid for a great time. Get ready for surprises, for fun and for sure, a wonderful time.