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Studio Ima Iduozee, URB Festival, Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art
Ima Iduozee (Choreography) Erno Aaltonen, Jani-Matt Salo (Lighting Design) Kasperi Laine (Sound Design) Kaisa Torkkel (Artistic Adviser) Arts Council of Uusimaa (Supporters)
Ima Iduozee (Dancer)
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The show's notes explain how this dance represents a journey, a journey of discovery, in trying to explore new territory in dance and strip away cliché and explore personal history and the dancers relationship to movement and form.
Ima Iduozee does have a captivating presence as a dancer, he is both talented and for someone so young gives an assured and mature performance.

The dancer is creating a new vocabulary of movement, drawing from many different experiences and frameworks, there are flavours of modern, classic and hip hop here. They are blended and swirled together during the 25 minute duration of the show.

The dancer is impressive he has a strong command of his technique and approch and he has a style that allows him to easily communicate with his audience. There is an emotional undercurrent throughout the dance which has form, but no structure. That is to say Ima Iduozee engenders an emotional response with his work, but it has no sense of direction. And whilst a narrative is unecesarry it does often require purpose and this felt purposeless.

The show is worth seeing for the performance alone I just wish th framework which contianed this talent had been more effective.

(The notes given out at the start of the show contain some ridiculous hyperbole: 'The performer emerges in a space that radiates very delicately around him, reviving our thirst for light, calm and freedom.' Seriously? My advice is stop writing this kind of crap in dance programmes. It does the show no favours, it does not inform the audience and just reads as pretensious and nonsensical.)

3-5, 7-12, 14-19 August, 19:30 (25 Mins)