Death City, Greenside Nicolson Square, Review

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Park Gol Box
Park Gol (Director, Writer & Performer) Doseash (Artist) Inhee Park (Art Designer) Young Guen Lee (Production Manager & Photography) Jin Won Lee (Photography) Yul Art Um Seyong (Special Props)
Ryu, Wanny, Tres, Taelin, Hungry.G (Performers)
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There is a city where death is king, it stands on every street corner, it lives in every home and it is always, always hungry.

The theatrical company Park Gol Box have created a show which draws together many threads; hip hop dance, daredevil stunts, a theatrical narrative and interesting themes. I am always attracted to work that is not mainstream, that looks at theatre from a different perspective and perhaps introduces me to something with which I am not familiar, this show ticks all those boxes.

The creators of the show have a film stunt background and this framework has been woven into structure of the piece. On one or two occasions it perhaps take precedent but predominantly the emphasis is on storyline, character and the creation of this City of Death.

Six performers in total populate the stage and without a word being spoken they convey the story and mood of this piece with a pace and intensity which is both engagaing and enjoyable. Motifs, concepts and narrative are basic but all the more powerful for it. In parts it is almost operatic in form and then will smoothly transition to nursery rhyme simplicity. A large underpinning range of music adds drive and energy to the whole event and aids in the delivery and framing of the both the theatre and dance sequences.

Without doubt the Park Gol Box information packs which get handed out at the start of the show are the most entertaining and informative I have encountered, taking the form of a modern day comic book. This show is different from the start and is worth your time to go and see.

8-12, 14-19, 21-26 August, 8.50pm