Blue Scar, C Venues Chamber Street, Review

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Avant Cymru
Rachel Pedley, Jamie Berry, Tommy Boost (Dancers)
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'Blue Scar is a hip hop dance project from the proud past of the South Wales Valleys. It tells the story of how children in the Rhondda gained "Blue Scars" from playing on the mountain side. Some would call it "The Scar of Pride".

The music is created by welsh hip hop musicians - beatboxers and rappers collaborating with a welsh violinist.'

Some genres are limited by both their audience but also by their insulation within one framework or context. Avant Cymru have developed a show here which will attract audience members from a wide variety of backgrounds and interests but with a common locus of Hip Hop. But in this instance they are pushing the dance form into an area it is commonly unseen; storytelling and natural theatre. It's an interesting approach with an effective combination of video media, theatre and dance sequences.

The South Wales context, the protagonists and the story which has been drawn from everyday life gives it an appeal. And the focus of the drama I suspect most people will be able to relate to. The sequence and cross cutting between the dance, dialogue and video works well and the piece never loses pace. The three performers have varying levels of hip hop dance skills and theatre presence and the characters support one another on the stage both in the story and in reality.

It was interesting to watch this show, taking what is usually a confined and limited medium and pushing it out of its comfort zone. I would like to see them take and develop this further to see exactly what they could create with their combination of skills and artistry.

Times: 1-27 August, 15:20