Agustitos Grandes Carapapas -April

Time & place

Agustitos Grandes Carapapas are monthly events organised by TuFlamenco. It is an original eclectic musical night of Flamenco and Bossa Nova, made by top quality musicians with a final Fiesta Big Bang, but this particular event and hopefully for the future, we are introducing the essence of India. Welcome again to a beautiful & happy night to remember. Be ready for having an unforgettable time.

-Bossa Trio. Sergio Prazeres, incredible portuguese guitar player and singer, who plays a mixture of classic Bossa Nova and samba with the amazing Kevin Dorrian and Nick Gould. A real treat!!!

-Rootless Experience. The magical India takes over elevating our souls. It'll be wonderful.

-Tablao TuFlamenco. A traditional 'Tablao Flamenco', with everything you know is going to happen: highly-expressive flamenco music & dance, with lots of hand clapping, percussive footwork, and intricate hand, arm, and body movements, always accompanied by a singer and guitar player, and sometimes other instruments like cajón and others. (Danielo Olivera & Inma Montero al cante, Daniel Martínez a la guitarra flamenca, and Gabriela Pouso al baile).

-Jamming Fiesta.

Again a night of celebration!