2 Becomes 1, C Nova, Review

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Swipe Right Theatre Company
Kerrie Thomason, Natasha Granger, Bethany Black, Eliza Hewitt-Jones
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Girls just wanna have fun and these four young women are having a ball. In this Nineties pop musical comedy, the audience are greeted with a sobbing young woman prostrate on the ground while ‘supportive’ telephone messages play in the background.

The distraught woman has just broken up with her boyfriend and soon her three best friends arrive to cheer her up. At first, they don’t succeed but they certainly make an impression.

The small venue was full tonight. The three friends are dressed to kill and for the front row they are up close and personal. The cast are supremely confident with their renditions of Nineties chart songs and perform gyrations that leave little to the imagination.

Dragged out to a speed dating evening, the show gets really funny as the personas of the three mates emerge. One is not very bright, one man mad, and the other sees every man as a future partner for life.

As it is speed dating they move round the participants including some audience participation. A gentleman called Tony started ad libbing, which added to the show with the cast not only coping with the improvisation, but seeming totally at ease with it. At least two of the cast have an amazing ability to pull faces, but it'd be unfair to name them as the cast is strong all round.

The show just seems to get better and better and ends with a number of the audience dancing on stage and the cast thoroughly enjoying themselves.

If you are male and easily embarrassed get to the venue early and get a seat at the back. And leave the kids/ teens at home!

Runs til 31 Aug (not 18), 18.40pm