Authentic Connection Speed Dating (Ages 40+)

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Authentic human connection is what many people crave these days. And while you may think that dating is one good place to experience it... it's not that simple either.

The rise of dating apps has made dating feel transactional. More and more people see dates as something akin to a job interview. You say your pitch, I say my pitch. Based on that, we evaluate how good of a match we are.

Unfortunately, those types of dates often end with two dissatisfied people going back home... on their own.

If you want to try something new and learn how to create authentic connection while dating - read on!


This is (probably) for you, if…

  • You feel time pressure to find a partner as “you’re not getting any younger”
  • You’re tired of dating apps - or just don’t want to use them
  • You’ve had so many unsuccesful dates you secretly suspect there’s something wrong with you
  • You find it hard to relax on your first date
  • You’re not interested in small talk and playing "hard to get"
  • You'd like to be able dive into “real talk” fast, without it feeling awkward.


What to expect?

In the Authentic Connection Speed Dating, you’ll be in a safe, structured, well-held space. This is to empower you and others to put your guards down and show more parts of you than you normally would.

It can allow you to experience the depth of connection that most people get to only after several dates. You won't be wasting time on small talk.

The structure of the evening will help you reveal yourself - and, see a real human in front of you. Even if you don’t end up going on a date with them afterwards, you’ll become much better at connecting to people in general. In other words, this event helps you build communication skills that you can use on any occasion.

That's because, during this connection-generating gathering, you will:

  • Be empowered to break through awkwardness and establish a sense of safety within yourself
  • Get a chance to meet 7–10 people in a guided experience
  • Have some time to reflect on your interactions and what they taught you with a “buddy” (a person you haven’t met as a date)
  • Have an easy way to share (or not) your contact details with the people you choose


Some practicalities

  • Time: 17th April 2024, 6–9pm
  • Place: Sahara Studio, 11C Murieston Lane, EH11 2LX, Edinburgh
  • There will be a break around halfway through the event
  • I assume your dating interest in the gender other to yours. If I find there is demand for a queer dating event, I intend to organize that in the future.
  • A sweet vegan & gluten-free treat will be included :)


How money works

  • Ticket price is £33 per person. This covers the Eventbrite fee, paying for room hire, fee for two facilitators, as well as some snacks.
  • Requests for refunds will be considered on an individual basis. Due to upfront cost, unfortunately I can’t guarantee refunds.
  • You will be able to transfer your ticket to someone of the same gender.


If you have questions, email me at [email protected]

I hope to connect with you soon in Sahara Studio! :)


PS. The credit for cover image and the facilitators' portaits goes to Egle Slowlands Photography - thank you!


About the space

Sahara Studio is a beautiful cosy studio in Dalry, hosted and managed by Lindsey Marie Silver. Lindsey runs her belly dancing classes and various community events here, as well as rents the space out for other occassions - such as the Authentic Speed Dating!

The studio is finished with premium quality eco-friendly, hypo-allergenic, solid bamboo flooring and has a mirror wall. Lit and decorated with taste and care, it feels like a retreat right in the heart of Edinburgh.


About the facilitators


Marta Brzosko

Marta has been facilitating Authentic Relating and connection events in Edinburgh and online since 2020. She has completed the Authentic Facilitator Training from Authentic Revolution. She's also trained with The Polish Mindfulness Institute,, and holds a post-grad diploma in Mindfulness and Compassion.

She has Medium blog and newsletter called Connection Hub where she shares stories and tools for creating authentic human connection. She's also a resident and volunteer at The Salisbury Centre where plays an active part in weaving and supporting the community.


Rachel Liberty

Rachel loves connecting people and has a talent for matchmaking. She is a VITA qualified Relationship, Love and Intimacy coach and has successfully negotiated her own journey through dating after the age of 45, so she gets you!

She's also a Qualified Occupational Therapist, Psychedelic Integration coach, and runs The Urban Yurt where she hosts various events and workshops.

Rachel believes love is out there for everyone. 💗