A Regular Little Houdini, Pleasance Dome, Review

Rating (out of 5)
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Daniel Lleweyln-Williams
Joshua Richards (Director) Daniel Llewelyn-Williams (Writer) Meg Eliza Cox (Composer)
Daniel Llewelyn-Williams
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Whatever way you think this production will go, at some point you will be surprised. This one man show, performed by Daniel Llewelyn-Williams, will make you laugh and have you reaching for the tissues.

He tells the story of a young boy whose ultimate wish is to make a living in the same way as his idol, Harry Houdini. Every spare minute of his time goes towards learning and perfecting his ‘amazements’ – to call the tricks would be unjust, as he so passionately explains. But for a young boy in Newport in 1905 with a head full of ideas, the real world is not a kind master.

Incorporating true events from Newport’s history this tale is an honest and colloquial story about Newport and its people, beautifully told by Llewelyn-Williams who entirely captures the heart of a ten-year-old and is an absolute joy to watch. One thing you cannot fault him for is his energy – he is enchanting and funny and will leave you with a smile on your face and applause in your heart.

Times: 12.20pm, 7th-29th August
Tickets: £7.50-£10