Naked in Alaska, Assembly Roxy, Review

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Legendary Hearts
Valerie Hager (writer), Scott Wesley Slavin (Director)
Valerie Hager
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Naked in Alaska is a high octane one woman show based on Valerie Hager’s experience as life as a stripper for ten years in the Alaskan outback.

Written and performed by her she takes us through her journey into what we discover is a seedy environment. She had aspirations of becoming a star on the stage but not necessarily a star as a stripper.

Sometimes we’re led to believe women feel empowered by choosing a career where they are stripping and pole dancing but Hager puts the record straight as she feels used and abused by the various characters she portrays in the performance. The only problem with the show was that there were so many characters involved that somehow her own voice got lost in the crowd.

But she is a talented actress – she portrays over a dozen characters – and a fabulous pole dancer. And at some point in the performance she re-enacts the club environment and sits on various guys' laps.

I didn’t see their expressions but I think there was a possibility they felt uncomfortable!

14-17; 19-25 August