Edinburgh Sacred Arts Festival at the Fringe

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The historical development of Western music, visual art, ​iconography, poetry, drama, and architecture is deeply linked to the theology, culture and worship of the Christian Church. As a consequence, some of greatest works of art of all time owe their inspiration to the Christian faith. The relationship is not simply historical, however. The arts continue to play a highly significant role in the life of the Church, and increasingly artists, theologians, philosophers, and churches are re-discovering the profound resonance there can be between faith and art, the sacred and the beautiful.

The second Edinburgh Festival of the Sacred Arts will run from 11th to 17th August, 2019. Organized under the auspices of the newly established Edinburgh Sacred Arts Foundation, the 2019 programme offers a wide variety of high quality events -- two concerts of sacred music, a dramatization of the Gospel of Mark, a talk and exhibition of stained glass, floral art, a sacred artwork photographic exhibition, recitations of 'The Poetry of God and War', as well as an opening Sung Eucharist and closing Choral Evensong. Details can be found on its website (link above).

The Edinburgh Sacred Arts Foundation gratefully acknowledges support from the Vestry of St Vincent's Chapel, Golden Hare Bookshop, the Diocese of Edinburgh and the University of Edinburgh Centre for Theology and Public Issues.

The Reverend Professor Gordon Graham FRSE is the Director of the Edinburgh Sacred Arts Festival.

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