Edinburgh Fashion Swap

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The Edinburgh Fashion Swap is the idea of 25-year-old Jema MacGregor, a young Scottish entrepreneur, who lives in Edinburgh. While this is the first in the capital, MacGregor has already held several successful fashion swapping events in her home of Inverness.

An environmentally friendly way to get a new wardrobe, I Heart Swapping invites those attending to bring along up to five of their unwanted items to swap with others using clothes pegs as creative currency. Any leftover clothes are then passed on to Cancer Research UK.

Each person is given a clothes peg for each of their items. The clothes peg can then be traded for another "new" item at the swap (1 peg = 1 item).

“I’m really excited to bring I Heart Swapping to Edinburgh. I know that clothes swapping is getting really popular overseas and I saw this as an excellent opportunity to bring this to Scotland to promote green shopping habits and show the alternatives to throwaway fashion," says McGregor.

"We throwaway over 1.2million tonnes of clothing and shoes every year in the UK, and I hope that I Heart Swapping will help to show the fantastic things that can be done with second hand clothes."

Item drop off is from noon to 1pm, with the swap from 1pm - 2pm

Tickets £5