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Increasing numbers of people are choosing to share instead of own a car. Edinburgh's car club scheme, operated by the City Car Club since 2002, had 86 cars shared each day by over 2,000 members in November. City Car Club CEO, James Finlayson, said that by the time of the conference the City Car Club should have crossed the 100 cars and 3,000 members mark.

There are obvious benefits from having car clubs: less cars on the road for everyone means less pollution and congestion, while drivers benefit from the convenience and lower costs of being in a car club versus car ownership. Research shows that for each car located on dedicated parking places throughout the city there are at least 6 cars taken out of the system.

This one day conference will include workshops and a Technical Tour of the Edinburgh Car Club operation.

Speakers include Michael Glotz Richter (Sustainable Mobility, City of Bremen) who visited Edinburgh a decade ago to explain how "car sharing" was working in Germany, and Dr Jillian Anable (Aberdeen University) who is working on travel demand management for the UK Energy Research Centre and on Smart Choices Phase II.

Speakers from the Scottish Government, car club operators from mainland Europe and Britain are also confirmed.


  • Learn how Car Clubs are integrated into transport policy in many mainland European cities.
  • Find out how Car Clubs can work in partnership with public transport.
  • Explore the potential synergy of free city bike schemes with Car Clubs.
  • Measure the impact of the workplace car pool option serving 400 City of Edinburgh Council staff.
  • Debate the role of Car Clubs in future transport planning.We are taking bookings now. Please complete your booking form online.

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Early Bird Discount Conference Fee - £165.96 + VAT, total £190.85
Standard Conference Fee - £200 + VAT, total £230.00
Charity or Student Bursary Conference Fee - £85.11 + VAT, total £97.88

Early Bird Discount Conference Fee & Technical Tour - £205.96 + VAT, total £236.85
Standard Conference Fee & Technical Tour - £240 + VAT, total £276.00
Charity or Student Bursary Conference & Technical Tour - £106.38 + VAT, total £122.34

The Early Bird Discount is conditional on receipt of booking by Sunday 1st March 2009 and payment for Early Bird Bookings must be received by Monday 9th March 2009, in order to qualify for the discount.