Edinburgh City Chambers

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High Street
Edinburgh Area
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0131 200 2323
About the venue

This is where the City of Edinburgh Council conducts much of its business. In particular, members of the public can attend most meetings of the Council, Committees and Sub-Committees.

The building and court yard, with its central location on the Royal Mile, is an impressive one. The John Adam design was completed in 1761, originally as a merchant exchange.

However, the merchants preferred to do their business in the taverns and the High Street, so the Council took over part of the building in 1811 and over the years gradually expanded out to take over the whole building.

Entrance to the piazza in front of the Chambers is through an arched colonnade on the High Street. A large bronze statue of Alexander and his wild horse Bucephalus is at the centre of the courtyard.

A number of walking tours begin outside the Chambers and within the quad.


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