Royal Lyceum Workshop

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29 Roseburn St
EH12 5PE
Edinburgh Area
Fringe Venue
About the venue

The Royal Lyceum Theatre's workshops in Roseburn (near Murrayfield) are where the fantastic sets and costumes for the rep theatre are developed. 

When the Lyceum allows the public behind-the-scenes you can also find a library of model boxes with the scale models which the set designers make months in advance of the show. 

During Fringe 2023, the shop is the scene of a Horizon Showcase installation where over three days (23-25th August), artist Rachel Mars welds a copy of the 100kg iron "welcome" gate that was stolen from Dachau concentration camp in 2014. A local blacksmith previously forged a replica, exactly like the original, but not quite.  The audience is invited to bear witness as live welding continues along with atmospheric sound-world by Dinah Mullen explores who memorials are for and who decides.


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