Cyclists cross the Coltbridge Viaduct in Roseburn
About the Area

Roseburn is a suburban area situated West of Haymarket and East of Murrayfield and Murrayfield stadium

The main railway, and Edinburgh tram line line, which runs beside it, provide a boundary to Roseburn's  South.

Roseburn's main high street is on the busy A8, which in recent years has been traffic-calmed by the addition of cycle lanes into the city centre.

The Roseburn section of the Water of Leith walkway is a pleasant one, along a riverside path with mature urban woodland. The path is accessed down a staircase off Roseburn Cliff. 

You can also cross above the Water of Leith by the Coltbridge viaduct which is an old railway line, heading North-South, which has been converted into a popular off-road pedestrian-cycle path.