Museum of Scottish Fire Heritage

An early fire engine in the Museum of Scottish Fire Heritage
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1A Dryden Terrace
Edinburgh Area
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0131 550 4954
About the venue

The Scottish Fire Heritage museum is a free museum that recalls the history of firefighting across Scotland through fire engines, equipment, appliances, and uniforms. 

The museum, at the McDonald Road Fire Station, shows how firefighting has developed from when James Braidwood formed the world's first municipal fire service in Edinburgh in 1824 to the modern day.  

The gallery covers five main themes, with various interactive exhibits that delve deeper, and activities for families including dressing up for children and watching firefighters training in the drill yard.

The museum also hosts events and activities throughout the year, such as specialist talks, children’s crafts and daily tours.

There was formerly an Edinburgh Museum of Fire at McDonald Road Fire Station. It closed to move to Lauriston Fire Station, where the collection remained until 2016. 

The Museum opened on 29th June 2023.


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