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Fringe Venues 2022

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  • Playfair Library :: 311

    A William Playfair architectural masterpiece on the southern side of Edinburgh University's Old College. The Library Hall has a barrel-vaulted ceiling and runs to more than 190 feet in length.

  • The Hive :: 313

    A 650 capacity, two-room music and dance club based in the underground vaults of Edinburgh's Old Town.

  • Dynamic Earth :: 315

    Modern, large-scale, interactive exhibition centre at the foot of the Royal Mile.

  • Stockbridge Parish Church :: 317

    A classic Church of Scotland parish church, dating back to 1823, in the old village of Stockbridge with small domed steeple.

  • Assembly Checkpoint :: 322

    One of Assembly's stable of venues, located very near the Edinburgh University hub at Bristo Square.

  • Leith Arches :: 324

    A large, two-level pub under a brick, railway archway on what used to be the old Caledonian Leith line.

  • Edinburgh Yes Hub :: 325

    A meeting place for debate, meetings with high-profile political speakers,and fundraising events, in the run-up to th

  • Gladstone's Land :: 335

    A six story tenement building on the High Street, which has been purchased and renovated by the National Trust of Scotland, to offer a taste of life in 17th century Edinburgh.

  • Cabaret Voltaire :: 338

    Cabaret Voltaire is one of Edinburgh’s subterranean club and rock venues. An intimate cave-space with its low-ceilings and booths, it is situated in the underground caverns of the Cowgate.

  • Stramash :: 342

    Aka Wilkie House, this 900-capacity live music venue has 3 bars with a stage for live gigs or a very large TV screen streaming live sports.

  • Téte-a-Téte Photo Studio :: 348

    Commercial Scottish-French photographic studio in Edinburgh's Old Town co-founded by Ewan Barry and Audrey Pinard in

  • Statue of Greyfriar's Bobby :: 356

    A bronze statue of the famous, little Skye terrier remains a popular spot for a photo op.

  • Bannermans :: 357

    Longstanding cellar bar deep in the bowels of the Cowgate with live music, particularly acoustic sets.

  • Hepburn House :: 358

    One of the Army Reserve Centres used by the reservists of the Territorial Army for its drill and training exercises.<

  • Underbelly's Circus Hub on the Meadows :: 360

    Two large circus tents, introduced in 2015, located on the green expanse of The Meadows.

  • Book Lovers' Tour Departure :: 361

    The start of Alan Foster's one-and-a-half hour literary tour of Edinburgh is appropriately enough outside the Edinburgh Writer's Museum.

  • St Columba's by the Castle :: 367

    This small church and perennial performance space just off the top of the Royal Mile with a quiet garden.

  • Royal Highland Centre :: 368

    Scotland's largest indoor and outdoor venue, the Royal Highland Centre plays host to over 250 events annually on the outskirts of Edinburgh.

  • Leith Community Pottery :: 372

    Artisan pottery business, run on a social enterprise model, that offers a variety of different length courses in pott

  • Ocean Terminal :: 374

    Waterside shopping mall at the end of the line and at the watter's edge.

  • Whitespace 76 :: 375

    A venue/gallery space on the Southside of Edinburgh.

  • Krua Thai Cookery School :: 376

    Thai cookery school.

  • Pianodrome @ the Old Royal High :: 391

    Pianodrome is a spectacular recycling project and a unique performance space - a large amphitheatre built using only

  • Greyfriars Charteris Centre :: 393

    Halls in a renovated church building on pleasance, with multiple spaces and modern tech.

  • Dalkeith Country Park :: 397

    2,000 acre country estate on the outskirts of Edinburgh offering a variety of outdoor recreational activities such as archery, walking in ancient forests, a well-being lab, a wooden play fort, bushcra

  • The Salvation Army Edinburgh City Corps :: 405

    The home of the Edinburgh City Corps of the Salvation Army, located just just off Pleasance road. 

  • Ghillie Dhu :: 410

    A bar in a converted church with impressive grand interior and own draft ales. Bar staff in rugby shirts and kilts, and a baronial, banquet hall style set-up in the body of the old church.

  • Dragonfly Cocktail Bar :: 411

    Cocktail bar on two levels, just off the Grassmarket, offering a short list of house drinks and wide selection of cocktails.

  • Natural Food Kafe :: 415

    Cafe adjoining health food store, and natural therapy centre.

    Vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and Scottish food and drink on the menu.

  • George Watson's College :: 416

    Founded in 1741, is a co-educational independent day school in Scotland.