7 Day Drunk Review

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Bryony Kimmings
Bryony Kimmings (writer), Hannah Kerr (Producer)
Bryony Kimmings
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Bryony Kimmings one woman show is self-indulgent, but it could be said drinking to excess is also self-indulgent. But with the premature demise of the singer Amy Winehouse, who had a reputation for hard drinking, the show is provocative as Kimmings decides to test the effects of alcohol on creativity, although she does state in the programme that she is not an alcoholic.

The material for the show is taken over a 7 day period when she was cocooned in a studio being filmed drinking copious amounts of vodka and in a way she illustrates the insidious effects of alcohol as she goes on a journey of self analysis and regret.   The show includes filmed comments from a psychiatrist and psychololgist on her disintegrating state as she attempts to drink herself into oblivion. They concluded that alcohol degenerates the mind, body and soul and on the last day, after ten shots of vodka, she writes a melancholic song, full of regrets and missed opportunities. 

She has an exuberant personality, a good sense of humour and anecdotes are interspersed throughout. There is also audience participation - which is very amusing - and the show concludes with the audience joining her on stage for 'party' time. So what is the message? Obscure. 

Show times: Til 28 Aug, 20:00

Ticket prices: £10-£12