Edinburgh International Culture Summit

Submitted by edg on Thu, 24 Mar '16 7.08am
Time & place

The inaugural Culture Summit was in 2012, as a forum for discussion about culture and how it relates to politics, society, economics and business.

Taking place during the maelstrom of the Edinburgh Festival it offers the opportunity to bring artists, thinkers and arts leaders from around the world together with culture ministers to inspire positive change in arts and cultural policy.

The Summit is a collaboration between the Scottish Government, UK Government, British Council, Edinburgh International Festival and Scottish Parliament, delivered on behalf of the partners by the Edinburgh International Culture Summit Foundation.

The theme of Summit 2016 is Culture: Building Resilient Communities with three strands:

  • Culture and Heritage
    Our most precious monuments, sites and other environments of outstanding natural beauty are threatened as never before. How do we define and protect our cultural heritage? How can our investment in cultural heritage best reflect and respect the diversity of identities and cultures that co-exist in our world?
  • Culture and Economics
    Governments around the world continue to discuss appropriate funding models to adopt in an environment of rapidly shrinking resources. Summit 2016 will compare a variety of cultural economic models which consider a range of public and private sector support, exploring the differences between emerging and more established economies and examining how culture can best contribute to fulfilling the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals
  • Culture and Participation
    Despite the existence of universal platforms for the presentation and promotion of all manner of cultural enterprises, numerous barriers still exist to greater and deeper participation in cultural activities by citizens across the world. Summit 2016 will discuss ways of reaching larger and more diverse communities, and consider how to protect and create pathways for more artistic voices.