Holyrood Distillery

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19 St Leonard's Lane
Edinburgh Area
Fringe Venue
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A modern whisky and gin distillery on the edge of Holyrood Park, in a converted railway goods building dating back to 1831. When it fired up its stills in 2019, the Holyrood Distillery was the first single malt whisky distillery to open in Edinburgh in almost a century. 

The distillery hosts various tasting events, including tours of the distillery and walking tours that explore local Edinburgh whisky history with tastings along the way.

With its visitor centre and shop, the complex is well set up for showing the whisky and gin distillation process, step by step, with windows into its large mash tuns and the tall, 5,000-litre, copper stills as they bubble away. There is good  signage and interactive elements during the tour for visitors, like guessing mystery ingredients.

The tour also offers visitors an opportunity to sample "preview" malts, blends of single malts put together by Holyrood Distillery tasters that emulate the character that the distillery is aiming for when its own malts come to maturation (typically 10 to 12 years for a single malt).

The Holyrood Distillery introduced a whisky festival the Mash Up in June 2022. 


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