Consulate General of the Russian Federation

Russian Consulate in Edinburgh
Venue details
58 Melville Street
Edinburgh Area
Telephone (info)
0131 225 70 98
About the venue

The arm and public face of the Russian government in Scotland, located on Melville Street in Edinburgh's New Town, a few minutes walk from Scotland's First Minister's house on Charlotte Square, Bute House.

The Consulate has been the location of angry protests since Russia invaded Ukraine (see Ukrainian Consulate in Edinburgh), with a death toll mounting into the thousands.

Many civilians, from new-borns to the elderly have been killed, as Russian forces pulverise Ukrainian cities with daily bombardments.

The Consulate General of Russia in Edinburgh delivers consular services to Russian and foreign nationals, among them: 

  • Registration of Russian nationality for children if one parent, at least, is a Russian national
  • Issuing Russian travel passports for Russian nationals
  • Issuing Laissez-Passer (emergency temporary travel document) for Russian nationals
  • Requesting personal records and documents from Russia
  • Issuing Police Clearance Certificate for use in the United Kingdom and some certificates for use in Russia
  • Certifying power of attorney for use in Russia
  • Certifying signature on the documents for use in Russia
  • Certifying declarations and consents for use in Russia
  • Certifying translation of documents from Russian into English and from English into Russian
  • Certifying copies of documents for use in Russia

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