St John's Church, Princes Street

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Princes Street
Edinburgh Area
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0131 229 7565
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Tall Scottish Episcopal (Anglican) church at the corner of Princes Street and Lothian Road. Completed between 1816 and 1818, the church functions both as a place of worship in the heart of the city centre and community venue, particularly for festivals and events concerned with peace and justice.

Its construction was sufficiently controversial that an act was passed in 1816 to prevent any further building on the north side of Princes Street, preserving residents’ view of the Castle. Today, the Lothian Road area sees heavy traffic, but the church's location adjacent to St. Cuthberts church and nearby West Princes Street Garden mean it has relatively green and pleasant surroundings.

St John's offers services throughout the week, and its buildings and grounds encompass shops, the Cornerstone Cafe and regular arts and crafts exhibitions.

In June 2009, the church was the Paradise Movie Hall for a 3-day Bengali film festival curated by Mark Cousins for the Edinburgh International Film Festival and it is also a venue at the Fringe.

St. John's is open daily from 8am to 4pm.


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