Cinderella, Lyceum Theatre, Review

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Stuart Paterson (writer)

Through Stuart Paterson’s adaptations of classic panto fare, the Lyceum usually brings something a little more mature than the average to the Christmas season. And certainly in the case of this year’s revival of his Cinderella, he pulls it off without sacrificing any of the fun, the thrills or the magic in the process. Paterson’s script reinvests the story with life. The dark notes of the tale are drawn in. He creates a world which brings out the full contrast between cold-hearted ‘heaven’ above of court and ballroom against the more warm-hearted subterranean ‘hell’ of the kitchens.

Stunningly designed staging and closely choreographed performances, yet plenty of audience interaction. (Audience involvement is one element I thought was slightly lacking in last year’s offering. If so, it’s more than made up for this year.) The traditional cross dressing for the wicked stepmother and ugly sisters is dropped. But the relish Carol Ann Crawford, Julie Austin and Eilidh Fraser bring to their three roles shows that no men have ever been necessary in that department. The whole magical world bristles.

Rest assured too, this version drops the traditional ending as far as the poor Prince is concerned. And it all remains pitched for the kids. Excellently. Immensely enjoyable and satisfying. Watch out for where the Black Douglas cocks his leg!

Dates - Till 6 January 2001 Mon to Sat, at 7pm, matinees all Sats and 22-24, 26-30Dec and 2 Jan at 2:30pm, Only Sunday performance 24 Dec at 2:30pm. No performances 25 Dec + 1 Jan