Edinburgh Walks: Hume Walk from Top of Leith Walk to Top of Calton Hill

Submitted by edg on Wed, 18 May '22 9.15pm
Video clip

The Greenside path up Calton Hill is the lesser used access point for joining Hume Walk to the top of Calton Hill in the New Town. One of Edinburgh's "Seven Hills", the top of Calton Hill is the easiest to climb to from the city centre after Castle Hill

The main Calton Hill steps are off Waterloo Place, not far from the bustle of Princes Street. They may be more direct if you are coming from Edinburgh's main shopping thoroughfare, but if you are approaching Calton Hill from the North (Leith or Broughton), the Greenside route may be the most direct.

In this 360° video, the walk begins at the top of Leith Walk (near Elm Row). The path is joined at Greenside church and then traverses and climbs up Hume's Walk with views over the New Town. Hume's Walk, opened in 1775, is named after the famed Edinburgh philosopher who lobbied the town council for a footpath to be used by the people of Edinburgh for their "health and amusement". 

The path continues to the 100m peak of Calton Hill with its panoramic views over the North of the city and out to the Firth of Forth.

Technical notes

This video follows on from our previous video atop the National Monument of Scotland on Calton Hill, although unlike that video, this is a 360° video clip, which means you can move around in it and view scenes from different angles. The video may take a little longer than average to buffer (i.e. it may start at low quality and then sharpen up after a few  seconds).